Fees depend on the length of the class and how many classes taken per week. Once class placement has been determined by Miss Danielle, a fee assessment will be provided. Fees are payable in a number of ways. They may be paid in full by October 1st for the full year, or in eight monthly installments (Oct 1st – May 1st), or in two equal installments (Oct 1st and Feb 1st). Payment must be made by e-transfer. Details will be provided at registration. Receipts will be provided.

Payment Information

Academy classes run from September through to the annual recital in June. Parents can expect to incur fees associated with regular classes – as outlined below. Additional costs will be incurred if your dancer is invited to participate in competitions and choreography (class fees, costume fees, and registration fees), ScotDance and OHDA membership, and for any additional classes that might be scheduled in preparation for exams or competition. It’s difficult to estimate these costs in advance.

Fees for second classes in a week are discounted 5%.  Fees for additional family members are discounted an additional 10%.

Payments not honored are subject to bank fees plus a $50 surcharge. This compensates Academy staff for the extra time required to œsort things out.

If a student falls into arrears by more than two weeks, they will be suspended from class until their account is brought up to date, including any surcharges. If a student/parent anticipates a problem making payment, contact Miss Danielle to see if other arrangements can be made that won’t interfere with the continuity of instruction.

Payment for private lessons and/or extra classes will be invoiced.

What additional costs should I expect?

Our academy is committed to keeping the costs of highland dance transparent, and reasonable! In addition to instructional costs, parents can expect additional costs related to:

  1. Annual membership in the Ottawa Highland Dance Association – approx $30. See website for more details
  2. Annual membership in Scotdance Canada – approx. $25. See website fore more details.
  3. Costs associated with costumes (purchase or rental) – there is a dress code for classes that must be adhered to. Performance numbers may involve costuming costs, which will vary with each number.
  4. Travel Costs – many times over the course of the year, students may participate in area competitions and shows Some are local, and occasionally involve overnight travel. All travel costs are the responsibility of the parents.
  5. Makeup – primarily for performances.
  6. Exam Fees – cost varies according to level and number of exams taken.


There are no refunds for missed classes. As fees are payable monthly in advance, no refunds are available for the remainder of the month of withdrawal. Post dated cheques will be returned or destroyed. Pre-paid months for months after the month of withdrawal will be refunded.