Dance Classes

Highland Dance

The Academy offers both recreational and competitive classes. Recreational students typically takes classes once per week (but are welcome to take more if they wish). During these classes, students will learn Highland techniques, traditional dances, and prepare for their Highland exams.

Competitive students must take at least two classes per week. One of these classes may be mixed with recreational students, and the other will be used to perfect their techniques and to prepare for competition and exams. We typically see significant improvement in skills when students combine at-home practice with two classes per week.


Students are expected to attend all regularly scheduled classes. This ensures progress towards exam readiness and keeps all students in group numbers at the same skill level.

Food is not permitted in the studio. Students are encouraged to bring their own water bottles.

We realize that family schedules can be hectic, and that sometimes activities overlap and students miss class. There are no refunds for missed classes, and make up classes are not available. If the student must miss a class, Miss Danielle should be notified.

For weather purposes, a regularly scheduled class may be cancelled (notifications will be sent by email).

Students are invited to arrive 10 minutes prior to class to change and mentally prepare for class.